Welcome to the world of tomorrow!

HyperSponge Studios is comprised of Charlie Van Norman (Engineering and Design) and Alexander Goldman (Art, Music, and Design).

Charlie Van Norman

Design and Development


Alexander Goldman  Design, Art, Music  https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexandersgoldman/

Alexander Goldman

Design, Art, Music



We aim to leverage emerging platforms to bring physicality and joy to gaming. We want to build cool things that get people excited, that bring people together, and that push the boundaries of the gaming industry.


  1. We see the human body as the most compelling interface; humans are not just our brains. Our bodies, the experience of our bodies, should be an integral facet in VR entertainment.

  2. Joy and personal development need not be separate. In its ideal state, learning is a form of play as satisfying and rewarding as any other form of play.

  3. Those who work to create the future of VR at least in part shoulder the responsibility of steering the industry in a healthy way.

  4. Reality is a beautiful thing, and we shouldn’t be building experiences that replace it, only supplement it. Games should integrate into our daily lives, not consume them.

  5. Humans are social beings, and the best games are those you can play with friends!